Get Your Pond ready for Winter

Ultra Clear Winter Blend is specifically formulated for fall-winter-spring treatment of your pond. It’s probiotic formulation of select beneficial bacteria ensures your pond has the required bacteria to maintain a clean pond and healthy fish during the colder months. Start using when water temperature falls below 55 degrees F. 100% biological (NO chemicals). Will sustain surface freezing. Reduces spring clean-up. DOSAGE: Use 1 oz per 1000 gallons weekly beginning when water temperature drops below 55 degrees F. Double dosage if pond has an excess accumulation of organic debris.

  • Use in ponds with water temperature down to 35 degrees F
  • Reduces Ionized Ammonia and toxic Un-iodized Ammonia
  • Reduces build-up of organic material from decayed aquatic vegetation, leaves, grass, excess food & fish waste
  • Provides ongoing biological activity as water cools down
  • Safe for fish, all aquatic life, wildlife and pets

    Preparing the pond for winter

    Ultra Clear Winter Blend  Buy Winter Blend Now

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