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Aquarium Water Quality Kit by UltraClear

UltraClear Aquarium Kit. Perhaps one of the most important kits that every aquarium keeper should have to keep their aquarium trouble free with water quality. This kit includes a 4 ounce bottle of UltraClear Freshwater Complete, a bacteriological and friendly bacteria that will keep your aquarium water pure. A 4 ounce bottle of UltraClear Flocculent that will rapid clear the water of debris and cloudy water. One bag of 3 gram tabs of UltraClear Digester for eliminating organic sediment in tanks. And, one mini Buffer Block for buffering freshwater pH and adding calcium. Without a doubt, these 4 products in this one kit will help keep an aquarium in excellent condition UltraClear Aquarium Kit includes: 4 oz bottle of UltraClear Freshwater Complete for cycling & maintaining fresh water aquariums. 4 oz bottle of UltraClear Flocculant for rapid cleaning of tank. One bag of 3 gram tabs of UltraClear Muck Digester for eliminating organic sediment in tanks. One mini Buffer Block for buffering freshwater pH and adding calcium.

The Water Garden

The book The Water Garden Published in 1897 by William Tricker is considered the oldest water garden text in the world that was written to inform the public on the complete topic of water gardens. This pioneer book was very comprehensive and advanced for the 1890s. In the 120 pages, William Tricker discussed planting and growing aquatics. He wrote to inform the public of his knowledge of hybridizing water lilies, explaining the different classes and distribution of water lilies and lotus, his new variety of one of the most unusual aquatics the Victoria, fertilizing aquatics, enemies of the water garden, along with many other water garden topics. This book is a must read for all water garden enthusiasts.

Ice in Winter

Nature has a special way to protect the life of all of her ponds from freezing solid in the winter. As water freezes it becomes less dense and floats on top of the water. This floating ice then becomes an insulator to the water below. If water became denser as it froze and sunk to the bottom of ponds and streams, it would not be long before all of our ponds and streams would become frozen solid and aquatic life would cease to exist as we know it.

Getting Hardy Water Lilies ready for Winter

Late in the season the hardy water lily will prepare for winter by developing a winter tuber in the soil. The flowers will stop being produced and the water lily pads will cease to grow. The main concern is to protect the developed hardy tuber in the soil from freezing. This can be done by placing the planting container with the hardy water lily at the bottom of the water garden pool. If the water garden pool is shallow or may freeze solid, the planting container with the tuber must be removed to a cold dark cellar. The water lily tuber in the planting container must be kept damp all winter.

Time to Winterize the water Garden

Opening in ice
Autumn is sneaking up fast on the northern United States. Night time temperatures are falling along with the autumn leaves. Adding a protective net covering to catch the falling leaves will help to maintain good water quality during the winter months. Those water lilies coming under the group of “Hardy” may safely be left outdoors provided they are so protected that the roots will not actually be frozen. The “Tropical” lilies had best be considered annuals. It is a difficult and very uncertain task to winter over plants which have reached maturity. Goldfish and Koi can be left outdoors if they are sure of having six to eight inches of water below the ice in the severest winter weather. Pond De-Icers are specifically manufactured to withstand even the most bitter of temperatures and assure an opening is maintained for proper fish care all winter long.

The William Tricker 2017 Online Water Lily catalog is Here!

The William Tricker 2017 Online Water Lily catalog is Here! Click the link to view the new 2017 online catalog full of everything you could need for your water garden or pond.

Click here to view the 2017 catalog

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November is the time to check your Pond De-icer

November is the perfect time to check that your pond heater is in good working order. Get that heater out of storage and give it a good once over. Make sure that the heating elements are not corroded and that the cord is not showing nicks or breaks. Getting the pond heater situated now will allow you to simply plug it in when the weather turns icy cold. Even a few days having the pond frozen over can be deadly to your fish. With all of the pond heaters available on the market today it can become a challenge on deciding which one to pick. Your decision should be based on the wattage and the cord length of the heater. A general rule of thumb is to have 250 watts per 100 gallons of water.